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Hands on with My Airtel App. Is it Worth All The Hype?

October 21, 2020Category : Apps Reviews
Hands on with My Airtel App. Is it Worth All The Hype?

Airtel Rwanda, one of the two main telecom companies in Rwanda has been gaining some steam over the short years that it has been operational, mainly due to its relatively fast internet connection.

Released in May 2020, My Airtel App has been a welcome addition to the company's wide-ranging tools aimed at providing a better and more convenient customer experience. In this article, I'm going to provide a hands-on review of the app and offer my opinion as to whether it is worth all the hype that it's been getting in media and advertising.

Upon opening the app, you realize that the main purpose behind it is to try to move away from the use of USSD (the all-too-familiar akanyeneri, umubare then urwego), and offer a more streamlined way to access all the services Airtel has to offer.

The Main Screen

At the very top of the main screen of the app, you get two tabs: Home and Airtel Money. On the Home tab, the app is laid out in a way that both presents the most important information about one's line such as the phone number, airtime balance, data balance and so on…

The next section of the home tab is the “My Offers” section where Airtel displays service offers that it thinks the customer will be interested in. Those offers can be voice packs as well as internet packs.

When you tap on “All Offers” link, you get taken to a screen that lists all Airtel's “Best Plans”, laid out in different tabs: Isanzure, 3G Data, 4G Data, Local Calls, International Calls, and Byose Packs.

My Airtel App's Plans Screen

Last on the main screen is the “Quick Actions” section, which is where the most interactive — and dare I say most useful — features are grouped. In that section are shortcuts to use Airtel Money to send money, buy airtime, pay bills, buy bundles, pay merchants, etc.

As an example, tapping the “Pay Bills” button takes you to a menu of bills you can pay using Airtel Money such as electricity, water, TV subscription, and more.

Paying for any of those is as simple as tapping on it, filling in the information once prompted, and then submitting.

As an example, if I wanted to buy Electricity, all I would have to do is select the option on the menu, enter the meter number on next step, enter the amount on next step, select Airtel Money for payment method, then enter my PIN and voila, the process is complete.

The Airtel Money Tab

Upon switching to the Airtel Money tab, one is prompted to enter their PIN and after successful verification, a screen with the account summary (registered number, available balance) and available options is presented.

Available options are not that much different from those presented on the main screen. Each of those works as expected and the process is straightforward.

The Verdict

If you are like me and you hate how cumbersome and unintuitive the USSD processes are for basic services that network carriers offer, you will fall in love with the My Airtel app. The interface is very easy to navigate even for those who are not as tech-savvy, the services are easy to find and processes are much shorter and straightforward.

You can download the My Airtel app here

Let me know in the comments if I missed an important feature. Questions are welcome too if you have any!

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